Engineering Lamp Service Answer:

  • Q: OEM the customization period, can you know the detailed dynamic of the product?
    A: our factory's sales needs and production direct docking, can timely understand the production situation, sales staff always follow the production progress of pictures and videos, whether on time delivery and other situations.

  • Q: What are engineering lamps and what are conventional lamps?
    A: The size of the regular lamps is according to the fixed size and style of the basic household type, such as the normal size of the ceiling lamp and chandelier 400 MM、600MM、800MM、1000MM, candle chandelier has 3 head ,6 head ,8 head ,10 head home place; the engineering lamp custom, except the above size, any size can be customized, you can also the template or picture, according to all your requirements, this is the engineering custom lights, these custom lights are generally used in engineering, such as hotels, villas, sales department and other public places.

  • Q: engineering lamps customized, what customers need to consider?
    A :1, the customer will need to customize the engineering lamps in the form of pictures or samples sent to the factory, for regular lights, even from the online download of clear pictures can be. Complex or large lamps, need designer CAD and other professional design drawings, can be discussed with the factory;
    2. The core elements of customized lamps: materials, sizes, shapes, light sources, controllers, wires, and other relevant materials should be as detailed as possible and must be confirmed with the customer, otherwise there will be disputes later.
    3. if the quality and effect of customized lamps are not assured, can be confirmed by the way of small sample, the two sides can negotiate the cost;
    4.Lighting surface: baking paint, dry paint, plastic, electroplating, etc. Color selection is required after process determination;
    5. the accessories used to customize non-standard lamps are also an important factor affecting the cost, high quality, with relevant certification of accessories, high temperature resistance, fire prevention, failure and other aspects will be better, quality will be more stable, after-sale also labor-saving, but the cost is also higher accordingly.

  • Q: How to calculate the price and delivery time of non-standard engineering lamps?
    A :1.The appearance (size, quantity and complexity) of hotel engineering lamps:: the larger the shape, the more quantity, the more complex the shape, the longer the customization cycle (usually between 20-35 days);
    2. hotel engineering lamps material: conventional materials, such as iron, wood, acrylic this material lamp, customized cycle is relatively short, and stainless steel, crystal, copper, glass and other high-cost materials, processing difficulties, customized cycle is relatively long;
    3. price: non-standard lamps custom-made public model and private model, public model simple cost is low, affordable, such as a private model of a set of lamps new model costs from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan;
    4. quantity has a great influence on the unit price of lamps and lanterns. The more the order quantity is, the lower the unit price is;
    5. the normal duration of 20 days of lamps, if required to complete 15 days, then the factory is bound to add labor or require workers to work overtime, then labor costs will also rise.

  • Q: can the factory go to the site to measure the size to do the plan?
    A: If the project amount reaches more than 100,000, the factory can arrange the person to measure according to the negotiation between the two sides;

  • Q: the factory can go to the site to install one-stop lighting and other services?
    A: According to the project size can negotiate one-stop installation service.

  • Q: can you tell me the custom process of non-standard engineering lamp?
    A:1, the customer provides the design drawing or the sample, and provides the luminaire to use the material, the size and so on information;
    2. the factory to study the drawings or samples, give the plan and preliminary quotation;
    3. customer to confirm the plan, and pay the intention deposit, the factory issued a deepening plan;
    4. Customer confirm deepening drawing and sign to confirm arrange deposit, factory start production;
    5. service tracking, sending pictures and videos pictures and video tracking;
    6. installation and commissioning, video inspection to confirm payment of the final payment on time delivery;
    7. site installation and commissioning, customer acceptance of qualified signature;
    8. service after- tracking.

Retail Lighting Service Question:

  • A beautiful and generous, novel and chic things lamps can effectively enhance your home taste, so that your home decoration is different. There are many lamps on the market, which depends on how you choose lamps. The ideal place to choose lamps and lanterns is the wholesale market Zhongshan ancient town.

  • Q: How to choose lamps and lanterns?
    A : 1. the choice of living room lights should be based on the size of the living room area. Living room a little smaller can choose 80 CM、8 head of crystal lamp and other lamps, brightness will not be a problem, with lamp head can replace high-power light bulb, replace light bulb OK, living room slightly larger or larger, can put 100 CM、10 head ,12 head of crystal lamp and other lamps.
    2. bedroom should be equipped with a few more kinds of lights, ceiling lamp, lamp, floor lamp, bedside lamp and so on, can be adjusted at will, mixed use, to create a warm atmosphere. Wall lamp with low surface brightness diffuse material lampshade, can make the bedroom appear soft light, conducive to rest; can also be installed in the room in the appropriate position of a hanging main lamp.
    3. damp toilet, kitchen should choose waterproof lamps, kitchen, toilet and aisle generally use ceiling lamp, because these places need lighting brightness, and water vapor, dust, easy to clean with ceiling lamp, and conducive to the protection of light bulbs.
    4. dining table requires horizontal illumination, so choose a strong direct downward illumination of lamps or pull-down lamps, so that it pull-down height on the table side of 60 CM-70CM of height, the position of lamps and lanterns are generally above the table. The lampshade is made of glass, plastic, metal or crystal with a clean exterior so that it can be scrubbed at any time.

Wholesale Lamp Service Answer:

  • Q: Are there any discounts on prices?
    A: You can offer preferential prices according to quantity and requirements!

  • Q: How many sets of wholesale orders?
    A :2 PCS of the same product order (proofing charge double unit price, if consulting customer service has a large number of inventory, only charge unit price, no other proofing fees, non-standard engineering proofing need to charge a certain fee).

  • Q: what brand are you, can I use your brand?
    A: Our brand has two English brands, NHB、NHBLIGHT, can negotiate with customer service if needed.

  • Q: How to pay?
    A: in order for both parties to be more secure, the order amount is not more than 100000 RMB, and the platform is recommended to guarantee the transaction, that is, to take the payment online to complete the transaction. Large orders net silver remittance into public accounts or corporate accounts, payment to the delivery. Please remit the foreign exchange to Western Union account or Alibaba International Station for payment.

  • Q: How long is the delivery date?
    A: there is spot payment within 24 hours after the delivery, in addition to the national provisions of the holiday delay to 48 hours delivery, if the inventory is not enough, it takes about 15 days to complete the delivery, non-standard custom engineering lights need 18-25 days to complete the delivery, and customer service consultation.

  • Q: Is your packing firm?
    A: part of a large number of spot stock for neutral packaging, the overall foam reinforcement, if the lamp body is large and heavy, will strengthen the wooden frame, the exit for splint wooden frame.

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